Integrated solutions

Easier & more affordable

TESS has extensive experience and cost-effective systems regarding purchases and inventory operations with respect to MRO products. We can document customer-savings up to 30 % and all products delivered on time.

Integrated Supply Services is a common term for a wide range of solutions, systems and services regarding efficient and cost saving logistics and inventory. Experience, expertise and analysis quickly reveal the potential for cost-reductions and appropriate solutions. It can be anything from a simple 2-bin system, to establish a TESS partnership including complete takeover of all purchasing and inventory functions. All of our solutions are based on close cooperation and operational contracts.

Tess’ Logistics system

TESS’ logistics system handles more than 200,000 item numbers and is especially designed for efficient deliveries to customers throughout the country. In addition to abroad, where our business partners require assistance. The flexibility of our system allows us to customize the supply conditions to the local requirements.

Many of our solutions are specifically developed for certain areas. For instance, we have containers with hose workshops designed for mobile infrastructure projects. We also have an hose emergency service throughout the country where the local TESS service centers are available 24 hours every day.

Our containers are also used as emergency storage for oil spill. We have developed and delivered container solutions to the Norwegian Coastal Administration and several IUA regions. This integrated supply service of consumer materials fully utilizes TESS’ logistics system.

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